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We're doing a short 25% off sale on the first volume of Aikonia!

The offer ends on April 30th, 2014 at midnight MST and is only available for the first 100 sales. We also reduced shipping prices so, if the prices were holding you back in the past (and you were super jealous that all your other friends had their own copies), now would be your chance to get a copy of your own!

The comic also includes a PDF that contains the original report that Cyril delivered to the council on Page 7 and Katie Tiedrich's original sketches for the entire first chapter of the comic! The PDF will be immediately downloadable after your purchase to hold you over until you receive your physical copy :)

CLICK HERE TO BE DIRECTED TO THE SALE! or, visit our store and enter "salefornoreason" in the "offer code" field before checking out!

We just updated the Aikonia links page with new Aikonia banners! Go check them out on the links page and don't hesitate to request a link exchange! We're always up for supporting other webcomics :)


We also just uploaded a new Aikonia goodie: The Aikonian Institute Emblem Wallpaper! Download it on Aikonia's goodies/donate page now! We'll upload the next goodie when the donation meter on that page fills up again :D
Hello everyone!

We recently made a post on our blog where we examine the process of converting an Aikonia page script to a beautifully illustrated comic page!

Read the full post on our blog!
Last week's (very pretty) page marks the end of Aikonia's fourth chapter.

A lot has happened over the last chapter. We not only transitioned over to a completely new setting, but also welcomed a new illustrator to our team.

We hope you've enjoyed this chapter and we will be back with Aikonia's fifth chapter on January 6th! Until then, feel free to re-read the fourth chapter again from its first page :)

And keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter stream while we're on break as we will still be posting things every once in a while! Also, if you haven't yet checked out Project: Velyria, you should take the time to do so! Especially since there's currently a sale going on for Founder Packs.

For those of you who celebrate this time of year: Happy holidays! And to everyone: Have a happy new year! Thank you all for your amazing support and see you in 2014!

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As some of you may have noticed, the Aikonia website has undergone a major overhaul and boy, was it long overdue. Aikonia hasn’t changed much since the comic was first launched in 2010! So to celebrate the new characters and setting of Aikonia, we’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks giving the website a clean coat of paint and spit-shining the little details.

Some of the things you may not have noticed include:

- A brand new comment page layout! We have added expression avatars (which will be completed by the end of the week) that let you use the characters from Aikonia to express yourself in your comments.

- Multiple blurb entries! Now, rather than having one general blurb post every week, Aikonia’s team members will be posting their own personal thoughts about the week’s page. If you have any questions for our artist, writer, or editor, leave your comments and questions in the comments and they’ll be able to answer you in the following week’s blurb.

- New cast page! We’ve included new character portraits for the Adventurers and a short description for each of them. Additionally, our fabulous artist, Ira, has recreated portraits for all the team members involved with Aikonia behind the scenes.

- Easier sharing options! Now, you can easily share your favourite Aikonia pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

- Fancy Donate banner! Look how it floats when you hover over it! Don’t you want to click on it? ;)

We hope you enjoy the new website and we’ll be back to our regular posting schedule as of next week.